Saturday, July 18, 2009

Newest pictures of the crazy Stephens' kids

This is how Wyatt drinks from the hose, not at all how Daddy taught him.

Wyatt helping Daddy mow the lawn.

Wyatt working a puzzle, a Cinderella puzzle. Excellent blackmail one day.
Mattie working on one of her many circus acts.
Wyatt helping Dad water the flowers, while stepping on the flowers.
Mattie working on her death defying motorcycle in the cage circus act.

Mattie, Wyatt and Daddy enjoying cooling of in the sprinkler while playing on the trampoline.

Mattie and the really big prehistoric looking lizard she caught.

Bedrest stinks!

The first thing I want to say is bed rest stinks! Thank you LORD that I am only on partial bed rest. I can still get up and do a few things, of course I am still having some contractions. I think its God's quite little reminder that I am trying to do to much and to knock it off. I will say that I have had the best, most awesome husband ever! He has picked up all the things that I can't do without asking and is doing his best to cook and entertain the kids at night. Plus he is learning how to deal with an emotional pregnant women who has had to admit that she can't do everything and needs some help. I am so blessed to have such a great guy. Kudos to my children as well. They have been really great. Since we are at home everyday, all day they have had a lot of adjusting to do. They have accepted Mommy's inability to do much, they have only tried to take over the house once, and have come to fully enjoy the massive amounts of bribes I give them each day. Candy for breakfast does wonders when you want to go back to sleep and pay-per view kids movies really keeps them occupied. Thank goodness AT&T U-verse has a lot of Disney movies on for $2.00!

To update the latest on my condition. I am still having some contractions and a lot of cramping and pressure in my lower tummy. lately I have had a racing heart, severe headaches and it feels like I'm on fire from the inside out. The doctor noticed that my pulse has been high and he is sending me to a cardiologist for tests. On top of that, somehow I have throw my back out again. This I don't understand since majority of my time is laying in bed!

I just ask that you continue to pray for my family. Also, that I am reminded daily that two months is not that long! On a personal note. please pray that James will continue to support my half-price book habits, I can only watch so much tv! Thank you friends!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And we shall call him....

Boyd Franklin Stephens. Boyd is an old English name that we both really liked and Franklin is James' grandfathers middle name. Both of our boys are named after his Grandpa. Wyatt still says Boyd's name is baby boy. I kept saying no its Boyd (hard d sound) so now he walks around saying baby boy BoyyyyD. It's very funny.

I will try to post again soon. I became dehydrated over the last few days and the doctor has given me orders to rest for a couple of days and drink lots of fluid. Which, makes it had to rest when you have to get up every 10 minutes to use the bathroom. Go figure! Things are good besides the dehydration. I am working at the MDO this summer and the kids are loving it. It's scary to think that Mattie will start Kindergarten in August. My how the time flies.

Last thing, the c-section for Boyd is scheduled for September 25th.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are having...and this time we know!

We will be welcoming a new baby boy into our family in September. Wyatt is excited because its a baby brother and Mattie is excited because she gets her own room. Dad and Mom are excited because we finally know what's cookin in the oven! Again, this little boy stinker made it difficult to find out. We almost left the doctors office not knowing. Luckily at the very end he shifted and showed us his goods. The next big thing is deciding on a name. My husband likes, Boone, Boyd and Virgil. I like Emmett, Hunter and Jasper. Which one do you like?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthday parties, squirrels and hosptials oh my!

My little man turned 3 yesterday. I can't believe that he is already 3. It makes me so sad : ( We had his birthday party this past Saturday. Here he is with all his friends and his best pal Cade. I have a feeling that the two of them are going to be serious trouble makers and co-conspirators when they get older. Sorry Kara but I think we are in trouble! It was a great party with a yummy lunch and an awesome cake made by Kara. She made the coolest Cars race track cake. I wish I could of gotten a picture of Wyatt and how his eyes lit up when he saw it for the first time.

Wyatt loved his "carr ake by mss kaawa" (car cake by ms kara). It was a great party and the rain on Saturday held off until about 10 minutes after everyone left and then downpours for the rest of the day. Thank you for the break before the rain God! We had a nice remainder of the weekend. Mattie did get sick with a sinus infection but no swine flu! The week has been great we took the family to CiCi's for Wyatt's birthday dinner. Buffets and pregnant ladies go together like pb&j. Normal week until tonight. I was at work at church, I had been there 10 minutes and my husband calls me in a panic. I answer the phone and he sounds very stressed and I can hear Wyatt screaming in pain. I said whats wrong. The answer "Wyatt's been bit by a squirrel", I say "by a what" James yells "a squirrel". He informs me he doesn't know what to do. I said get the kids dressed, call your Mom to watch Mattie and I am on the way home so we can go to the hospital. His response "I think he'll be ok with some neosporian and a band aid". I said no he has to be checked out and he may have to get rabies shots if the squirrel is infected. I got off the phone with him and called my Aunt just to verify my decision and she said the same thing and to take the animal with us just in case it needs to be tested. Just so you know for any future confrontations with wild animals and bites, the hospital doesn't test for rabies you have to contact your local animal control to have them pick up the animal and test it. I arrive home, my mom-in-law got Mattie and we got Wyatt and the squirrel and headed for the hospital. We get there and are taken back to a room. While taking one of my frequent trips to the potty I overhear the nurses dividing up the patients and they call my son "squirrel boy". I told James and we laughed and that is know Wyatt's new nickname. While waiting for the doctor Wyatt informed us that "uirrels ave bigggg arp eeth" (squirrels have big sharp teeth) and "uirrels eavy to ick up" (squirrels are heavy to pick up). We concluded from the appearance of the squirrel that Stella, our dog, caught the squirrel and then dropped it when it stopped fighting. Mattie and Wyatt found it and decided to check it out. Wyatt being a three year old half wild boy decided to pick it up and the squirrel objected. Mattie informs Daddy by running into the house screaming that a squirrel attacked Bubba. The doctor informed us that the state of Texas does not require/recommend rabies shots for squirrel, rabbit or rodent bites as they are not normally carriers of rabies. However, he does need antibiotics twice a day for 5 days due to the chance of infection. He also didn't need stitches. Yea : ) The bad news, until it heals up we need to keep his finger clean and bandaged. That means no digging in the dirt or any other messy things. How am I suppose to do that with a three year old unless I tranquilize him for the next 5 days! I mean really that is the impossible task of the year. Please pray for me, Wyatt's favorite thing to do is to get as messy/dirty/filthy as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time known to man kind! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are having......

......only God knows! This cute, adorable, stinker made it impossible to see between his/her legs. The baby had the umbilical cord between his/her legs and kept a foot on top of that. No matter how much the doctor shook my belly and pushed and prodded the most that would happen is the sweet stinker would karate kick me and place his/her foot right back on top of the umbilical between the legs. We are very happy that the baby is healthy and active but disappointed that we left there not knowing. The nurse said maybe God just wants this to be a surprise and my response was,"God gave us a surprise with this child and I can't take anymore!" Mattie even started to tear up in the office when we couldn't find out. The doctor is going to do a quick peek in 4 weeks and try and see what the baby is. I pray that we would know, I really can't take anymore surprises. On the plus side, I did gain weight this month. I am now only down 5 pounds for this pregnancy. Yea!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I have posted. Things were a little hectic for me in October and November and then the craziness of December. Time has most definitely slipped away. January came with the start of a great new year. Things at home were awesome, the kids were healthy and James and I were happy. The end of January brought a huge surprise, we found out that I was pregnant. A miracle has occurred, thank you GOD! After two years and eight months of not using any type of birth control and no fertility medicine I was pregnant. James and I being totally surprised also asked the question, "how did this happen?". Funny now but we were very serious when we asked it. James asked the doctor and the doctor said "I hope you know how this happened!" Needless to say a huge shock and surprise but we are very happy about it. The kids fight almost daily about if its a boy or a girl. We will be able to end this argument on Wednesday at 4pm. This pregnancy has knocked the rug out from under me. I have been very, very sick and just had such a hard time. I am only 18 weeks but very ready for September to come!

A few others things that are going on and a couple of cute stories from my kids. Mattie turned 5 in February. This makes me very sad. She starts kindergarten in September and that is so scary for me. I want her to be little for ever but it has been great to have a big girl in the house. She is a character and very funny. Wyatt turns 3 on the 5th of May. He is doing so good. He is talking so much that we have to ask him to be quite! Which so you know never works. He is loving school and has made so much progress. Even with all the progress he is still a crazy little monkey hyped up on caffeine. Very fun but very tiring. And now for the stories. Mattie fell and had her first big sets of strawberries on her knees and feet. Mattie, being the drama queen, acted like her legs had been ripped off and she was going to die. I, being the excellent mother that I am, told her to get up and walk in the house if she wanted a band-aid. One would think that with that type of response she wouldn't be a drama queen any more but she still is. Inside while doctoring the knees and wrapping them in bandages and gauze she very seriously looks at me and says "Mom, before you had me and Bubba were you a doctor? Your so good at this." I giggled and said "No baby, I wasn't a doctor." She responded "Then how did you get so good at this?" I laughed this time and said "Lots of practice." She looked at me and smiled and said "You should be a doctor, your so good at this." I smiled and hugged her and called Dad to laugh. She was just so sure that I had been a doctor.

Last night James and I had finally relaxed on the couch after a long day. Mattie and Wyatt were not in the relaxing mood. They were jumping and laughing and messing with each other. I gave two warnings and said the next they were going to there room. They of course started back up so Dad sent them to their room. Mattie immediately started pouting and hanging her head saying it's not fair. Jamie said "stand up straight and hold your head up" to Mattie. Behind her Wyatt is walking and stretching his neck up and pushing his shoulders up to his ears. Jamie and I our cracking up laughing and Jamie says it again. Wyatt starts again pushing up his shoulders and says "Daddy me is up". It was so funny and cute.

Again, I promise I will post more often and will announce late Wednesday what I am having. Until then, goodnight!